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Rites of the Ise Shrines

Higoto asayū ōmike sai

A celebration at the Grand Shrines of Ise (Ise Jingū) in which sacred food is offered twice daily, in the morning and evening, to Amaterasu Ōmikami and other deities. Also referred to as the regular sacred offering (jōten mike), this celebration corresponds to the daily offering (Oni...

Kan'namesai (Grand Shrines of Ise)

This is the Grand Shrines of Ise's (Ise jingū) largest harvest festival of the year. The festival's history traces back to the legendary enshrinement of Amaterasu Ōmikami at the present location; during the reign of Emperor Suinin, when Princess Yamatohime-no-mikoto traveled in search of...


The transfer of the deity to a newly constructed shrine (sengū) in prescribed years (shikinen). Also referred to as Shōsengū, this major traditional project involves building anew the Main Sanctuary (shōden) and other buildings of Ise Jingū, renewing all vestments (shō...

Tsukinamisai (Grand Shrine of Ise)

A major festival (taisai) held at the Grand Shrines of Ise (Ise Jingū) in the sixth and twelfth months. The "tsukinami" means "monthly" and this name is thought to originate in monthly festivals that were later combined into biannual events. As this festival employs norito text nearly identica...

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