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Religious and Intellectual Influences on Shinto

Shinto and Ancient Chinese Thought

— The Japanese Naturalization of Written Chinese —       With the spread of rice cultivation, the Yayoi period (ca. 300 B.C.E.–300 C.E.) way of life brought about changes in the customs that had been prevalent during the preceding Jōmon period (ca. 8000̵...

Shinto and Buddhism

—The Introduction of Buddhism —       According to Nihon shoki, the official introduction of Buddhism to the Japanese imperial court from Paekche (a kingdom in what is now Korea) occurred in 552 (the 13th year of the reign of Emperor Kinmei). However, according to the ...

Shinto and Christianity

Historically, Christianity can be broadly classified into Roman Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant traditions. Roman Catholicism was introduced to Japan during the mid-sixteenth century. In the beginning it was referred to by such names as the Nanbanshū ("sect of the southern barbarians"), Bata...

Shinto and Confucianism

—Early Interaction between Kami Cults and Confucianism—         It is very difficult to clearly determine the earliest contacts between Shinto and Confucianism, but a reference can already be found in Nihon shoki's chronicle of Emperor Kōtoku's reign (r. 645-654) ...

Shinto and Onmyōdō

While being based on the Chinese theory of yinyang-wuxing (Yin-Yang and the "five phases of matter"), Onmyōdō was a unique Japanese adaptation that established itself around the tenth century. Under the earlier system of state civil and penal codes known as the ritsuryō system, dutie...

Shinto and Shugendō

Shugendō is a form of Japanese folk religion, based on primitive mountain worship, and formed under the influence of Buddhism, Daoism, Onmyōdō, and other religions. The name shugen is derived from the term genriki, which refers to special powers acquired as the result of religious pr...

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