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Individual Shrine Observances

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Yayoi Matsuri

This annual festival (reisai) takes place on April 16 and 17 at Futarasan Shrine in Nikkō City, Tochigi Prefecture. Previously, this used to be the third month (yayoi) festival. (In the old calendar, the third month was called yayoi.) The festival period begins on the thirteenth of the month. ...

Yōgō Matsuri

This Shinto rite takes place on July 8 at Mikami Shrine in Yasu Town, Yasu County, Shiga Prefecture. This rite commemorates the appearance of the central deity (saijin), Amenomikage-no-mikoto, on the summit of Mikamiyama, the mountain where kami dwells (shintaizan). The Okumiya (remote shrine) fest...

Yomisashi Matsuri

Prior to many festivals, many rites (shinji) set up a sakaki sacred tree. The rite called yomisashi festival takes place on October 6 at Ōmiya Shrine in Iwade Town, Naga County, Wakayama Prefecture. Yomisashi means entry into the sacred period of a festival and also the rite of marking the spa...

Yubana Shinji

This Shinto rite (shinji) takes place on the night of August 2 at Suga Shrine in Setagawa Ward, Tokyo. A pot of water is set up inside the precinct of the shrine(keidai) straw is burnt underneath to bring the water to boiling. Shinto priests (shinshoku) recites a prayer (norito) and chants, stirs t...

Yutate Shinji

In this rite water is boiled in a large pot in front of the altar (shinzen). Female shrine mediums (miko) and priests (shinshoku) dip bamboo leaves in the hot water and splash the hot water on themselves by shaking the leaves. While repeatedly splashing hot water around the pot in time with music, ...

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