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Shrines and Cultic Practices

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Sumiyoshi Shinkō

The faith related to the shrine Sumiyoshi Jinja, which includes guardianship over safe sea travel, waka poetry, agriculture, and fishing. The Nihonshoki records that "Sokodsutsunoo no mikoto, Nakadsutsunoo no mikoto, and Uwadsutsunoo no mikoto are Sumiyoshi no ōkami". Most of the Sumiyoshi shr...

Suwa Shinkō

The faith related to Suwa Jinja which spread throughout Japan, but centers on the shrines of Suwa Taisha, which straddle Lake Suwa in Nagano Prefecture. Suwa shrines are home to cults devoted to the kami of wind-and-water (fūsuishin), the kami of battle (gunshin), the kami of blacksmithing (ka...

Tenjin Shinkō

The worship of Sugawara Michizane (845-903) as Tenma Tenjin.The use of the term "tenjin" however, predates the ninth century. In ancient China the expression "heavenly deities and earthly deities" (Tenjin chigi" ŷϵ) existed and subsequently in Japan the same characters were applied to the wor...

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