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Concepts of Kami

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  A collective term for the kami of heaven (tenjin) and kami of earth (chigi). The expression was strongly influenced by Chinese thought; in China, "heavenly deities" referred to the "Emperor Above in High Heaven" (Haotian Shangdi); the sun, moon, and stars; "Master of the Middle, (Sī-Zhōng...


A general term referring to a minor shrine serving the kami of a separate main shrine (hongū), or to its related kami. Shintō myōmoku ruijūshō; defines wakamiya as a shrine dedicated to the offspring (mikogami) of the kami worshiped at a main shrine, or to the newly apporti...


Three kami of creation." According to Kojiki's account of the formation of the world, the three kami which procreated first in the Plain of High Heaven (Takamanohara), namely, Amenominakanushi, Takamimusuhi, and Kamimusuhi. Each of these three came into being as a "solitary kami" (hitorigami), and ...

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