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Basic Terms

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Yamato damashii

Literally, "Japanese spirit"; Yamato damashii is also written º. This term is often contrasted with "Chinese Learning" (karasae), that is, knowledge and scholarship imported into Japan from China. Yamato damashii refers to an inherent faculty of common-sense wisdom, resourcefulness, and pruden...


The underworld which appears in the Kojiki and the Nihon shoki. Also called Yomotsukuni. It is the world that Izanami went to after her death. The appearance and characteristics of this world are not always clearly defined. In the Kojiki, the inside of the palace of the Yomigami (kami of the underw...


The term can also be read as "yoshi-ashi." It is a value-oriented pair of opposing words. It content of the opposition is explained as good or bad luck, right or wrong, pure or impure, beauty or ugliness, superiority or inferiority and similar pairs. At the very core of these binaries is the religi...

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