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Yoshida Kanemigi

  Head of Yoshida Shintō in Japan's period of warring states (sengoku, ca. 1457-1568). Born on the twentieth day of the fourth month (May 21), 1516, as the second son of Kiyohara Nobukata (who was the third son of Yoshida Kanetomo). The Yoshida house was at that time led by Kanemitsu (son of Kan...

Yoshida Kanetomo

  Shrine priest of the later Muromachi period, and founder of Yoshida Shintō. Born in 1435 as the son of Yoshida Kanena, the Provisional Senior Assistant Director of Divinities (jingi gon no taifu), Yoshida was at first called Kanetoshi, but later changed his name to Kanetomo. He progressed in t...

Yoshikawa Koretari

  A Shinto scholar of the early Edo period, and founder of Yoshikawa Shintō, whose lineage name can also be read as "Kikkawa," and his formal name as "Koretaru." His other formal names included Motonari, Koretari, and Yoritoki, and his common names included Chiyomatsumaru and Gorosaemon. His epi...

Yoshimi Yoshikazu

  A Shinto scholar of the mid-Edo period. The characters for his formal name Yoshikazu can also be read as Kōwa or as Yukikazu. His style (azana) was Shirei, and his common names included Sadanosuke and Katsuya. His epistolary names included Kyōken and Fūsuiō.      ...

Yoshimura Masamochi

  Founder of the religion Shinshūkyō. The second son of the warrior Yoshimura Daiji, Yoshimura Masamochi was born on the nineteenth day of the ninth month, 1839, in Mimasaka (present-day Okayama Prefecture). His father had studied Western (Dutch) medicine, and was employed as the resident d...

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