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Yubana Shinji
This Shinto rite (shinji) takes place on the night of August 2 at Suga Shrine in Setagawa Ward, Tokyo. A pot of water is set up inside the precinct of the shrine(keidai) straw is burnt underneath to bring the water to boiling. Shinto priests (shinshoku) recites a prayer (norito) and chants, stirs the hot water with a ritual wand (heisoku), and then finally splashs hot water at the worshippers. It is believed that if you get a splashed with hot water you will not get sick. There are performances of dance in front of altar (shinzenmai), kagura and ohayashi.
       The rite that takes place on July 26 at Sugōisobe Shrine in Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture, is also called yubana festival. It is also called a summer festival rite (natsu matsuri shinji). Water is boiled in a pot with purified fire and the shinshoku recites a norito in front of the pot, stirs the hot water and splashes it. It is believed that this rite began during the Emperor Kinmei's reign to prevent the spread of epidemics.

—Mogi Sakae
Footage of the yubana shinji at Suga Jinja.

Tokyo, 2007

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