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Warai Matsuri
This festival takes place on October 10 at Niu Shrine in Kawabe Town, Hidaka County, Wakayama Prefecture. This is an unusual festival. A parade headed by someone bearing offerings and followed by a long-nosed goblin (tengu), a demon (oni) and people doing sasaramai and lion dances (shishimai), all calling out "laugh, laugh" (warae, warare) head toward the shrine. Once they arrive at the shrine, they all burst into laughter in front of the altar (shinzen). There is a story that the enshrined deity (saijin) Niutsuhime no mikoto, overslept and was late for the annual gathering of the kami at Izumo in Kaminazuki (October). For this, she was laughed at by the other kami.

—Mogi Sakae
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