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Religious Corporations Ordinance
(Shūkyō hōjin rei)
An ordinance issued and implemented on December 28 1945 by means of Imperial Rescript 719; it set out rules relating to the creation and registration of religious corporations. It comprised eighteen articles and an appendix and was more simplified in content than the earlier Religious Organizations Law (Shūkyō Dantaihō). The placement of Shintō shrines on the same legal footing as other religious organizations after an amendment was made to the law in 1946 was a major transformation of the religious sphere. The ordinance was designed to facilitate the creation of religious corporations and many churches and organizations now began to register themselves as such. The edict was displaced by the implementation of the Religious Corporations Law (Shūkyō Hōjinhō) in 1951.

— Inoue Nobutaka
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