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Another way was of writing this term is ӿͿ. This is a kami who appears in this world in human form. The word is also used as a term of respect regarding the emperor. As an example of the former usage, in the Yuryaku ki (in the section of the second month of the fourth year) arahitogami appears in reference to hitokotonushi kami. It is also found in Poem 1021 of the Man'yōshū, which refers to "the arahitogami of Sumiyoshi." As an example of the term being used to refer to the emperor, in the annual report of the fortieth year of the Keikōki, Yamatotakeru no mikoto says: "I am a child of arahitogami." Additionally, a long verse in the Shoku nihon kōki (in the section of the third month of the second year of Kashō) has a phrase that says that every emperor becomes arahitogami. Akitsumikami is one synonym for this word. Also, the word utsushiomi (Իְ) in the Kojiki corresponds to arahitogami, both Kamo no Mabuchi and Motoori Norinaga interpreted this utsushiomi with the characters .
See akitsumikami.

—Fukui Yoshihiko
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