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The birth of the land. The creation of the land by Izanagi and Izanami following the command of the heavenly deities (amatsukamigami) to compose and solidify (shurikosei, also read tsukurikatame) the floating land. The two deities chose (mitate) a heavenly pillar (ama no mihashira) on Onogoro island and walked around it in circular fashion, in opposite directions. As a result of their intercourse the island of Awaji no hono sawake and the other islands were born. Although the two deities cooperated to create the islands, their administration of the land they had created went uncompleted because Izanami went to the land of Yomi (also read Yomotsukuni, the land of the dead). This task of creation and solidification was carried on later by the deities Ōnamuchi and Sukunahikona.

—Nishioka Kazuhiko
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