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The soul or one of its functions. There are various views concerning its meaning/activity. The first fascicle of the Chronicles of Japan (Nihongi) records the scene of Ōnamuchi conversing with Ōmiwanokami, his soul(s) of blessing (sakimitama) and auspiciousness (kushimitama). This is the only example of its kind found in the Kojiki and Nihongi. There is a view that the sakimitama brings the catch (blessing, sachi) of hunting and fishing, while the kushimitama is the spirit that brings health to people. On the other hand, Motoori Norinaga and others have opined that sakimitama and kushimitama are names for the special functions of the tranquil spirit (nigimitama) and that they do not indicate separate spirits such as wild spirits (aramitama) and tranquil spirits. See ichirei shikon (one spirit, four souls).

—Yonei Teruyoshi
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