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[Okuyamatsumi no kami] (Kojiki)
A kami produced from the belly of the fire deity Kagutsuchi when he was beheaded by his father Izanagi. According to Kojiki, Izanagi's wife Izanami died as the result of burns received when giving birth to the fire deity. Grieving at Izanami's death, Izanagi cut off Kagutsuchi's head with his ten-span sword, thus producing some eight kami from Kagutsuchi's blood and body, including Okuyamatsumi. The other deities included Masakayamatsumi no kami (head), Odoyamatsumi no kami (chest), Kurayamatsumi no kami (penis), Shigiyamatsumi no kami (left hand), Hayamatsumi no kami (right hand), Harayamatsumi no kami (left foot), and Toyamatsumi no kami (right foot).

In the same episode as related in an "alternate writing" of Nihongi, five deities were produced from Kagutsuchi, but Okuyamatsumi's name is not listed among them.

-Yumiyama Tatsuya
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