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The underworld which appears in the Kojiki and the Nihon shoki. Also called Yomotsukuni. It is the world that Izanami went to after her death. The appearance and characteristics of this world are not always clearly defined. In the Kojiki, the inside of the palace of the Yomigami (kami of the underworld) was dark, so Izanagi lit the tooth of a comb on fire so he could see. However, it is known that not all of Yomi was necessarily dark. At Izanagi's command, the pass between Yomi and the worlds of Takamanohara (Plain of High Heaven) and Ashiharanonakatsukuni (the human world) was obstructed by a great boulder. This boulder is known by such names as Chigaeshi no ōkami ("the great kami of turning-back road)", Yomido no ōkami ("the great kami of the entrance to the underworld"), and Yomidonisayarimasuōkami ("the great kami obstructing the way to the underworld"). When Izanagi purified his body from the pollution (kegare) of Yomi, Yasomagatsuhi no kami ("kami of eighty myriads of disorder") and Ōmagatsuhi no kami ("kami of great disorder") were produced out this defilement. While these two kami are generally regarded as the source of disorder in this world, there are various opinions concerning this. For Edo period National Learning (kokugaku) scholars, the question of how to explain the origin and location of Yomi was a significant problem. Hirata Atsutane was particularly zealous in his explication of this issue. See also: Takaikan; Nenokuni.

— Nishioka Kazuhiko
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