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[Ōyamatsumi no kami] (Kojiki)(Nihongi)
According to Kojiki, one of the deities produced as Izanagi no mikoto and Izanami no mikoto gave birth to the land (see kuniumi). According to an "alternate writing" transmitted by Nihongi, Ōyamatsumi was produced from one of the three pieces into which Kagutsuchi was cut by Izanagi.

The term yamatsumi means a spirit dwelling within a mountain, with the result that the name Ōyamatsumi means a great deity with jurisdiction over mountains. Shrines to kami with this name can be found throughout Japan. In Japanese folk religion, the kami of any given mountain is sometimes called Ōyamatsumi, as is the spirit of someone who has died within the mountains; in many cases, cairns of stones are erected as a place of worship.

-Nakayama Kaoru
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