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Ichinomiya junkeiki
(Tachibana Mitsuyoshi)
Pilgrimage Record to the Ichinomiya Shrines. Travel account. This work is an account by the early Edo period Shintō scholar Tachibana Mitsuyoshi of his travels on a twenty-three-year pilgrimage to the Ichinomiya (most prominent shrine in each province) shrines between 1675 and 1697. The work is said originally to have existed in thirteen fascicles, but the version now extant is in two fascicles, consisting of an abridged edition written in 1722 by the Suika Shintō scholar Okada Masatoshi, and entitled Ichinomiya junkei ki bassui (Excerpts from the Pilgrimage Record to the Ichinomiya Shrines). The work includes Mitsuyoshi's personal observations on his pilgrimages (sankei ), together with documents and illustrations on the Ichinomiya shrines themselves. Included in Jingi zensho, vol. 2 (Kōten Kōkyūjo, 1907).

—Yazaki Hiroyuki
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