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Ledgers of the Enryaku-Era Ceremonies. A combination of the Kōtai jingū gishiki chō (One fascicle), and the Toyuke-gū gishiki chō (One fascicle). This work records the scale, annual observances, and irregular observances such as the shrine transfers known as "sengū" for the Inner and Outer Ise Shrine complexes. The work was presented to the Daijōkan (Council of State) via the Jingikan (Department of Divinities) by the Inner and Outer Shrines of Ise in the year 804. The work originated in a plan on the part of the Court of Emperor Kanmu to provide a reference to be used in the compilation of formal procedures (shiki). Older Ise ceremonies predating the Engishiki as well as information concerning enshrined kami (chinza), not found in the Kojiki and Nihon shoki are described in detail. This is a valuable source for information on the various ceremonies, as well as on general issues regarding the Ise Shrines in the early Heian period. Included in Gunsho ruijū: Jingi-hen and Shintō taikei: Jingi-hen.

—Fujimori Kaoru
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