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(Ichijō Kaneyoshi)
Sources of Official Matters. Description and explanation of the origins of Muromachi period court ceremonies. Also referred to as Kanabun nenjū gyōji (Annual Observances Written in the Kana Syllabary). One fascicle, written by Ichijō Kaneyoshi. One theory holds that the author is Nijō Yoshimoto. This work describes, in chronological order, the origins, essence, and value as a court ceremony of some one hundred seventy-six regular and special observances, Buddhist rituals, and festivals by the court and various shrines, from the practice of bowing in the four cardinal directions on New Year's Day, to the exorcism known as tsuina conducted in the twelfth lunar month. The term "official matters" refers to court ceremonies and rites. In the Edo period Matsushita Kenrin and others published an explanation of this work, and it circulated as an authoritative source on ceremonies throughout the capital (Kyoto). Such ceremonies as those directed toward the Twenty-two Shrines, which are recorded in various texts including the well-known Honchō jinja kō (Study of the Shrines of this Realm), derive in fact from entries found in this work. Sekine Masanao wrote a commentary on this work called Kuji kongen shinshaku (Rikugōkan, 1926). Included in Shinchū Kōgaku sōsho, vol. 5 (Kōbunko Kankōkai, 1927).

—Mori Mizue
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