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Kōtaijingū nenjūgyōji
Annual Observances for the Imperial [Inner] Shrine. An early Kamakura period (late twelfth century) work that records the annual ceremonies and other observances at the Imperial (=Inner) Shrine of Ise. Completed the sixth lunar month of 1192. Extant texts derive from a copy made by Arakida Tadanaka (active ca. the Kenkyū era, 1190-99) that was copied and expanded upon in 1464 by Fujieda Ujitsune (1402-87). It is thus necessary to read this work separating the original from Ujitsune's additions. The outline of ritual ceremonies at the Ise Shrines is already available in the Enryaku gishiki chō (Ledger of Ceremonies of the Enryaku Era) and the Engishiki (Procedures of the Engi Era), but this work is the oldest that records the shrine's annual rites and observances, both major and minor. Ujitsune's textual additions have value in that they serve as a reference for medieval Shintō rituals. Included in Zoku gunsho ruijū: Jingi-bu, Daijingū sōsho: Jingū nenjū gyōji taisei, vol. 1, and Shintō taikei: Jingū-hen.

—Shirayama Yoshitarō
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