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Record of Discourse on the Character "Kō." A record of the disputes that occurred between the two Ise Shrines on the use of the character "kō" (, "imperial;" "august"). Two fascicles. The disputes bagan in the second lunar month of 1296, when, in a signature to a survey of the imperial gardens (mikuriya) at Ishikawa, Inabe County, Ise Province, by the two signatories serving as Negi (Suppliant Priests) at the two Ise Shrines, the Negi of the Outer Shrine broke with precedent and signed the document "Toyuke Imperial Shrine" (Toyuke Kōtai Jingū). This led to a protest from the Inner Shrine side that continued until the sixth lunar month of 1297. This work records the documents produced by both sides of the dispute. The compiler of this work is not clear but Deguchi (Watarai) Nobuyoshi and Ryū Hirochika assert that Watarai Tsuneyoshi compiled it in 1297 or 1298. Included in Zoku gunsho ruijū: jingi-bu, Daijingū sōsho: Watarai Shintō taisei, vol. 1 (Jingū Shichō, 1955).

—Itō Satoshi
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