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(Hirata Atsutane)
Exegesis of Ancient Histories. A work by Hirata Atsutane . Thirty-seven fascicles. Inspired by Motoori Norinaga's Kojiki-den, this work takes Atsutane's own Koshi seibun and, dividing it into sections, provides a detailed commentary on it. This work serves as the central axis of Atsutane's scholarly system. From a new interpretation of ancient texts, Atsutane here aimed to develop a unified uchūkan (cosmology) and ningenkan (view of humanity). He commenced writing the work in 1812. In around 1822-23, he completely revised the text, and continued to rewrite, revise, and add to the work until his death, but in the end he failed to achieve a final version. Later, acting on a request from Atsutane's adopted son, Hirata Kanetane, Yano Harumichi and others continued to add to the commentary, and it was finally published in complete form in 1911. Included in Shinshū Hirata Atsutane zenshū, vols. 1-4 (Meicho Shuppan, 1977).

—Matsuura Mitsunobu
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