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(Watarai Ieyuki)
The Sacred Vessel Collection. Outline of Watarai Shintō teachings. Five fascicles. Compiled by the negi (Suppliant Priest) of the Outer Shrine, Watarai Ieyuki , between the Gen'ō and Engen eras (1319-40). The work explains such matters as the origins of the cosmos (tenchi kaibyaku) through the "Seven Generations of Heavenly Kami" and the "Five Generations of Earthly Kami," the transfer of the Inner and Outer Shrines, the "shin no mihashira" (central pillar at Ise), "Gogyō mon zu" ("texts and illustrations of the august forms"), and Tokusa no kandakara (The Ten Kami Treasures), based on the following source materials: Gogyō taigi (Great Meaning of the Five Elements), Sendai kuji hongi, Kogo shūi, Ōta no mikoto den (Legends of Ōta no mikoto), Sengūin hibun (Secret Texts of the Sengū Shrine), and Jinnō jitsuroku (Factual Accounts of the Divine Sovereigns). This work can be considered to serve as an abridged version of the Ruijū jingi hongen (Classified Fundamentals of the Kami), a work in fifteen fascicles. A "koren" is a ceremonial vessel used in ancient China for offering millet at an imperial tomb, the work being so named to serve as an offering to the kami at the Ise Shrines. Included in Zokuzoku gunsho ruijū: Jingi-bu.

—Kadoya Atsushi
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