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This is a work that records the deities enshrined at Ise Jingū, the offerings to the deities for morning and evening, Mii Shrine (Mii no yashiro), divine seals (jinbō), the four quarters, the august pillar of the heart (shin no mihashira), offertory platters (ame no hiraka), official signets, various yearly events (nenjū gyōji ), and the office in the shrine, outlining the history of these things from ancient times to the Kamakura era. This work was compiled between 1201 and 1210 in two volumes. It is unclear who the compiler was, but it is believed to have been someone in the shrine. Rather than dealing with the ceremonies at the shrine, this work places importance on outer-shrine relations, such as negotiations with the imperial court, and the financial and administrative aspects of the shrine. It is compiled from precise records from the shrine and the capital, and it is one of the basic documents of the study of the Grand Shrines of Ise in the medieval period. However, it is not blessed with an abundance of high-quality older manuscripts. This work is contained in the Gunsho ruiju and in the Shintō taikei.

—Shirayama Yoshitarō
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