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(Sonoda Moriyoshi)
This is the work of Sonoda Moriyoshi, a negi (Suppliant Priest) at Kōtai Jingū. It covers a broad area of items relating to the origins of the Ise Shrine, ceremonies, and so forth, and contains detailed research through examinations based on extensive material and service records. It has been seen as a great organized and academic premodern collection built upon the successes of many Ise scholars from ancient times on. It can also be referred to as an encyclopedia of Ise Shrine, and alongside Daijingū koji ruisan (1910) and Jingū yōkō (Jingū Shichō, 1928), it provides a good guide. The present manuscript was completed in 1830, originally in forty-four volumes, but some volumes have been lost. Forty volumes of the present manuscript are contained in Daijingū sōsho, volumes 1-4 (Jingū Shichō, 1932—34).

—Mure Hitoshi
"Establishment of a National Learning Institute for the Dissemination of Research on Shinto and Japanese Culture"
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