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[Sarutahiko no kami] (Kojiki)(Nihongi)
A kami who went out to the "eight crossroads of heaven" to meet and act as guide to the heavenly grandchild Ninigi at the time of his descent (tenson kōrin). Sarutahiko was described as having a fantastic appearance, with a nose seven spans long, a height of over seven feet, and with eyes that glowed red like a mirror. Since the female kami Ame no uzume volunteered to confront Sarutahiko, Ninigi granted to her the clan title Sarume no Kimi.

After acting as guide to Ninigi, Sarutahiko arrived at the upper reaches of the Isuzu River in Ise, where Kojiki records that his hand became trapped inside a large clam at Azaka, and he thus drowned. He is considered the ancestor of the Ujitoko clan in Ise, and the central object of worship (saijin) at the Sarutahiko Shrine located in Ise. During the Tokugawa period, he was also adopted as the "ancestor of the teaching" in the school of Suika Shinto.

-Kadoya Atsushi
An enactment of Sarutahiko which forms part of the taasobi ritual at Atsuka Suwa Jinja.

Tokyo, 2005

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