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Jindai no maki moshiogusa
(Tamaki Masahide)
This is a point-by-point commentary on Nihon shoki in five volumes written by Tamaki Masahide. The dates of compilation are unclear. This work, which transmits the orthodox tradition of Suika Shintō, was written down by Ōgimachi Kinmichi, and put into its final form by Kinmichi's disciple, Masahide. It is a work that provides a point-by-point commentary on the Age of the Kami (jindai ) section of the Nihon shoki, and transmits the old teachings of Yamazaki Ansai. This work was published along with Masahide's Jimmuki moshiogusa in 1739 after Masahide had passed away, thanks to the hard work of Tanikawa Kotosuga.

—Yazaki Hiroyuki
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