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This is a compilation of Chinese and Japanese poetry as well as Japanese essays written by Yamazaki Ansai, the founder of Suika Shintō. The work was compiled by Atobe Yoshiakira and Tomobe Yasutaka, both of whom belonged to the same sect as Yamazaki. The work consists of three volumes in seven sections, though some manuscripts are in seven volumes. Zokushū (a continuation) appears in three volumes with a volume of addenda in four sections. Shūi (a collection of miscellaneous works) exists in three volumes and three sections. These collections contain the poetry and family genealogy of the founder, Ansai, as well as writings kept by Yoshiakira and Yasutaka of Ansai's poetry, festival liturgies (saimon), and epilogues. Suika bunshū was published in 1714, Zokushu in 1715, and Shūi in 1724, published by Edo Yamada Sanshirō. A little later than this Suikasō, a collection of Ansai's Chinese poetry, was published by Ueda Gensetsu. Both of these have some variations, but they complement each other and provide a complete image of Ansai and his work. These are contained in Volume Two of Yamasaki Ansai zenshū (Perikansha, 1978).

— Yazaki Hiroyuki
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