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(Kada no Azumamaro
This was compiled by Kada no Azumamaro in one volume, and is also known by the title Sōkokugakkōkei. It is unclear when this was written. It is believed that Azumamaro wrote this to relate his own ideas about kokugaku (National Learning) and appeal to the shogunal government for permission to institute an educational organ where he could teach things related to Japan. The existence of this document came to light when it was published in 1798, some sixty years after Azumamaro had passed away, when it was appended to Shun'yōshū, a collection of poetry composed by Azumamaro. He was re-appraised as the founder of kokugaku between the years near the fall of the shogunal government and into the Meiji era. This document received public attention as crucial proof that Azumamaro was indeed the founder of kokugaku. This work was published under the auspices of Fukuba Yoshishizu in 1859, and when it was printed in block form in 1869 it gained wider publicity in society. However doubts about the authenticity of the document surfaced quickly: there was no official petition to the shogunal government. At the very least the actual writer of the document was Azumamaro's student, the Confucian scholar Yamana Reien. It has also been affirmed that the original intent of the document was not kokugaku but wagaku (the study of things uniquely Japanese compared with things Japanese versus Chinese). There are two views regarding the evaluation of the document: 1) that it reflects the intents of Azumamaro; or 2) that it was compiled to transmit the teachings of the Kada family and the achievements of Azumamaro as relayed by his descendants. It is contained in Volume One of Kada zenshū (Inada Jinja, 1928, and reprinted by Meicho Fukyūkai, 1990), also in the Zoku zoku gunsho ruijū, and "Kinsei Shintōron / Zenki kokugaku" in Nihon shisō taikei (Iwanami Shoten, 1972).
See also kokugaku

— Mori Mizue
"Establishment of a National Learning Institute for the Dissemination of Research on Shinto and Japanese Culture"
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