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Other names: Takahime no mikoto (Kojiki), Takahime, Wakakunitama (Nihongi)

The daughter of the land deities (kunitsukami) Ōkuninushi and Takiribime, and who became the wife of Amewakahiko when he descended from heaven to negotiate for the "transfer of the land" (kuniyuzuri). When Amewakahiko died, Shitateruhime's wailing voice reached the Plain of High Heaven, and at his funeral, his father Amatsukunitama and other relatives mistook Shitateruhime's visiting step-brother Ajisukitakahiko for the deceased Amewakahiko. This error enraged Ajisukitakahiko, who flew off; Shitateruhime raised a eulogy to her brother in a style of verse known as hinaburi ("rustic song").

-Mori Mizue
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