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This is a record written in a chronological format, recording the various important events at the Ise Shrine, starting with the enshrinement of the imperial deity in the twenty-fifth year of Emperor Suinin down to 1069. The work consists of two volumes, and was compiled around the latter end of the eleventh century. Volume One contains information up to 1035, and was compiled around a document which recorded the traditions of the Arakida Norio family who were officials at the Inner Shrine, and several generations of descendants from Okitada on have added information. The second volume was written by Arakida Nobumoto, starting with 1037 and continuing on to 1069. This work is basic research material, along with Enryaku gishikichō and Jingū zōreishū and others. It is contained in the Gunsho ruijū and the Shintō taikei.

— Shirayama Yoshitarō
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