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(Hirata Atsutane)
A work in two volumes written by Hirata Atsutane, first drafted in 1812. It was published the following year. This work defined the direction that Atsutane's thinking on Shintō would take, and at the time it also made quite a stir among the circles of kokugaku scholars. This work was written with the intent to make clear where the spirit (or soul, reikon) goes after death, and to strengthen the Japanese spirit (yamatogokoro). Atsutane referred to Sandaikō by Hattori Nakatsune, and he explained the formation of heaven, earth, and Yomi (the world of the dead) through the use of ten charts and explanatory notes. He argued that at death the spirit does not go to the world of the dead, but it does to world of ghosts (yūmei) ruled over by Ōkuninushi. This is contained in Volume Seven of Shinshū Hirata Atsutane zenshū (Meicho Shuppan, 1977), and the Hirata Atsutane, Ban Nobutomo, and Ōkuni Takamasa volume in Nihon shisō taikei (Iwanami Shoten, 1973).

— Matsuura Mitsunobu
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