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Tenchijingi shin'chin'yōki
Completed in the fourth month of 1333. Written by Jihen, in three volumes. It is also called Sannō shinchin yōki. Seeking for consistency in classics such as the Sendai kuji honki, Nihon shoki, and Kogo shū, as well as in Ise Shintō and Ryōbu Shintō, the work tried to organize systematically the complicated theories of Sannō Shintō. Quoting classics such as Shinto gobusho, Reikiki, Reiki furoku, and Yamato katsuragi hōzanki, it places the various kami of Sannō into the genealogy of deities since the beginning of heaven and earth, and discusses doctrinal issues in a questions and answer format. It is included in Tendaishū zensho (The Complete Works of the Tendai School), volume 17, and in Shintō taikei (Compendium of Shinto), Ronsetsu-hen (Editorials), Tendai Shintō, 1st volume.

— Satō Masato
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