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An outline of Shintō by a Buddhist priest in three volumes. In 1340 (the year of the establishment of the Southern Court), at the request of Fujiwara Renshi (Shintaikenmon'in), the Tendai priest Jihen compiled this book for the young Emperor Gomurakami. It is said that Jihen is a brother of Yoshida Kenkō. This book was used in both exoteric and esoteric Buddhism at both the Southern and Northern Courts during the Nanbokuchō Period (1336-1392). It starts with a summary of Shintō. The ten chapters include stories and genealogies of kami since the beginning of heaven and earth, the deities enshrined at the inner and outer shrines of Ise, and the relationship between Buddhas and kami. After giving an outline of each chapter, abstracts of Ryobu Shintō and Ise Shintō works, such as Yomatohimenomikotoseiki, Hōkihonki, Jinnōjitsuroku, Jinnōkeizu, and Taishūhifu are outlined. Together with Kitabatake Chikafusa's Jinnōshōtōki, it is a valuable book for learning about Shintō during the Nanbokucho Period. It is included in the Zokuzokugun syoruijyū, from the Jingibu, and in the Shintō taikei (Compendium of Shintō), Ronsetsu-hen (editorials), Tendai Shintō.

— Kadoya Atsushi
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