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(Yoshida Kanetomo)
This one volume work is the record of a lecture on the Nakatomi-no-harae given at Zenshōin by Yoshida Kanetomo, the founder of Yoshida Shintō. This particular lecture was given in 1490 (second day of the seventh month) and recorded by the Zen cleric Keijyo Shūrin (1440-1518). Throughout his life, Kanetomo frequently gave lectures on the Nakatomi-no-harae and several volumes of records of these lectures – such as this one – have made their way to the present day. Similar works include Nakatomi-no-harae shō, Getsushū Jyukei monsho nakatomi-no-harae shō, etc. This text is included in the Shintō taikei.

— Itō Satoshi
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