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Nihonshoki sanso
(Ichijō Kaneyoshi)
This text written by Ichijō Kaneyoshi (1402-81) and completed between 1455 and 1457. It is comprised of six volumes and three books and is a commentary on the "Jindai" volume (kan) of the Nihon shoki. Basing his text on the theory of the "unity of the three teachings" (sankyōitchi) Kaneyoshi, a great scholar of his time, made use of his profound learning and cited widely from Japanese and Chinese classics and Buddhist texts to write his commentary of the Jindai-kan. This text not only demonstrates the height of scholarship of the medieval period, but one can also see in it the seeds of the rigorous positivist spirit that would characterize later generations of Nihon shoki scholars. Furthermore, as Kaneyoshi's text is the first to offer a detailed analysis of the structure of the entire Jindai-kan, it has a special place in the history of commentaries on the Nihon shoki. The Nihon shoki sanso is included in the Tenri toshokan zenpon sōsho, vol. 27 (photo-offset copy, 1977, Tenri University Press), and the Shintō taikei, Kotenchūshaku-hen, Nihon shoki chūshaku, second volume.

— Itō Satoshi
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