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Nihonshoki tsūshō
(Tanigawa Kotosuga)
This thirty-five volume, twenty-three book work is a commentary of the entire Nihon shoki written by the Suika Shintō and National Learning (kokugaku) scholar Tanigawa Kotosuga during the mid-Edo Period. Kotosuga finished the text in 1751, and it was published by Kyoto Fūgetsudō in 1762. The Nihon shoki tsūshō references many medieval commentaries of the "Jindai" volume of the Nihon shoki, such as the Shaku nihongi, Inbe Masamichi's Jindaikan kuketsu, Ichijō Kaneyoshi's Nihon shoki sanso, Yoshida Kanetomo's Nihon shoki jindaikan shō . The text also refers to the works of Kitabatake Chikafusa, Arai Hakuseki, Deguchi Nobuyoshi, and most frequently, the opinions of Yamazaki Ansai of Suika Shintō. Above all the Nihon shoki tsūshō is highly regarded even today for its analysis of Japanese words of Chinese origin, as well as for its careful scrutiny of the sources it cites. This text is included in the Nihon shoki tsūshō (1978, Rinsen Shoten).

—Yazaki Hiroyuki
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