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(Suzuki Shigetane)
This text, comprised of thirty volumes and one-hundred forty-seven books, is a commentary of the Nihon shoki written by the National Learning (kokugaku) scholar Suzuki Shigetane at the end of the Tokugawa period. Through the "Tensonkōrin" chapter of the "Jindai" volume, Shigetane gives a multi-angled, detailed commentary which makes numerous references to related works that he recognized as necessary. The first volume of the Nihon shoki den was begun in January of 1854, and the last volume was finished in March, 1862. Three hundred volumes were originally planned, and Shigetane made additions to the text until the year of his death. In Shigetane's scholarship, he positions the Nihon shoki as the "formal history of the Imperial Court," and "norito" as the "manual of ceremony for the Imperial Court," and attaches special importance to these two texts. Regarding his research on norito, Shigetane wrote the Engishiki norito kōgi, among others. The Nihon shoki den is included in Suzuki Shigetane Zenshū (1937-40, Suzuki Shigetane Zenshu kankōkai).

—Yazaki Hiroyuki
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