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Hachiman'usagū gotakusenshū
This sixteen-volume work is a compendium of the history, legends, records, and correspondence of Usa Hachimangū since its establishment. Jinun, the chief scholar of Mirakuji, spent twenty-three years compiling these texts in an attempt to recover the documents lost during the turmoil of the Genpei wars (1180-85). He finished the text in 1313. The materials Jinun drew from were many, ranging from the Rikkokushi (History of the Six States) to Buddhist scriptures, storybooks, legends, and oral traditions. Collecting the diverse folklore of the area of northern Kyūshū in which the cult of Hachiman (Hachiman Shinkō) was centered, Jinun attempted to present a single, unified image of Hachiman which focused on Hachiman Daibosatsu (that is to say, the deified Emperor Ōjin). The Hachiman usagū gotakusensyū is included in the Shintō taikei, Jinjya-hen, Usa. See also Hachiman Shinkō.

—Kadoya Atsushi
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