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A one-volume Ryōbu Shintō text of the Kamakura period which details the characteristics of the kami of heaven and earth based on Ryōbu Shintō theory. In the opening of the text, it is declared that the work was "written by Gyōki Bosatsu [the Bodhisattva Gyōki]," but such a pretense was of course added by later generations. Since this text was cited in Watarai Yukitada's Korō kujitsu den (completed in 1300), we know that the Yamato katsuragi hōzan ki must have been completed before the start of the fourteenth century. The word "hōzan" in the title refers to Mount Katsuragi, so this text was most likely written by an adherent of the Katsura Shugen lineage. The Yamato katsuragi hōzan ki is also known as the Katsuragi hōzan ki, or the Jingi hōzan ki. This text is included in the Shintō taikei, Yamato-kuni; the Zoku gunsho ruijyū, jingi-bu; the Dai nihon bukkyō zensho, jishi sōsho; the Nihon daizōkyō, shugendō shōso; and the Nihon shisō taikei, chūse Shintō ron (1967, Iwanami Shoten).

— Itō Satoshi
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