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Yuiitsushintō myōbōyōshū
(Yoshida Kanetomo)
This single-volume work is considered to be the main text of Yoshida Shintō. In the postscript to the text, it is claimed that this work was compiled by Urabe Kanenobu in 1024, but in truth, the Yuiitsu Shintō myōbō yōshū was actually written by Yoshida Kanetomo (1435-1511) under his ancestor Kanenobu's name. It is presumed to have been finished around 1484. Using a question and answer format, it concisely sets forth the doctrine of Genbon Sōgen Shintō (Yuiitsu Shintō and Yoshida Shintō) and presents the important points of Yoshida Kanetomo's teachings on Shintō. It is included in the Zoku gunsho ruijyū , jingi-bu; the Shintō taikei, Ronzetsu-hen (Editorials), Urabe Shintō, Vol. 1; the Yoshida sōsho, 2nd ed. (1942, Naigai Shoseki); and the Nihon shisō taikei, chūse Shintō ron (1977, Iwanami Shoten).
See also Yoshida Shintō

— Itō Satoshi
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