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(Deguchi Nobuyoshi)
This two volume work was written in the early Edo period by the shinkan of the Outer Shrine of the Grand Shrines of Ise (Ise Jingū ), Deguchi Nobuyoshi. Finished in 1650 and published the next year, the Yōfuku ki was Nobuyoshi's first work of research on Shintō, written when he was thirty-six years old. In this book, the author recognizes the existence of a shared, universal Way, and the belief that Shintō and Confucianism are tangible manifestations of this Way. Of the two, Nobuyoshi sees Confucianism as subordinate, best applied as a tool for furthering the understanding of Shintō. Buddhism, however, is dismissed outright as an obstacle to Shintō's development. Nobuyoshi dedicated the Yōfuku ki to the Emperor Gokōmyō. It is included in the Dai Jingū sōsho, Watarai shintō taisei gohen (1955, Jingū Shichō), the Shintō taikei, Ise Shintō, Vol. 2 (1982), and the Nihon shisō taikei, Kinse Shintō ron zenki kokugaku (1972, Iwanami Shoten).

— Yazaki Hiroyuki
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