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The word may be also pronounced hatsukuni, written as , and it denotes the establishment of the country, or founding of the realm. The tenth monarch, Sujin, is said to be "the first tennō to rule the country." This is variously expressed: in Nihon shoki it says, "hatsukuni shirasu sumeramikoto;" in the Kojiki it says, "hatsukuni shirashimeshishi mimaki no sumeramikoto;" and in the Hitachi Gazeteer (Hitachi no Kuni Fudoki) it says, "hatsukuni shirashishi mimaki no sumeramikoto." Similarly, the Nihongi calls Jinmu "the tennō who first reigned in the realm" (hatsukuni shirasu sumeramikoto) as well as "the ancestor of tennō who first governed the country" (hatsukuni shirashishi sumemioya). Jinmu and Sujin therefore appear in realm-founding myths and are regarded as tennō who oversaw the founding of the country or who governed the country first.
See also Kenkoku

— Fukui Yoshihiko
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