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Tenson kōrin
Tenson kōrin refers to the mythic episode in which Amaterasu's grandchild, Ninigi, descended from Takamanohara to Takachiho Peak in Hyūga. The story is primarily recorded in the Kiki (Kojiki and Nihon shoki), Fudoki, and Sendai kuji hongi, among other texts, although variants are numerous. The story in the part one, section one of the Nihongi is especially well developed in content and is therefore considered the most politically influenced version: At the time of decent, Ninigi is accompanied by many deities including the Five Attendant Kami; Amaterasu bestows on Ninigi the "Three Divine Treasures" (sanshu no shinki); and she gives him the Three Divine Commands. Tenson kōrin is an example of a common type of myth among Asian people that the progenitor of human beings or the ancestral deity (soshin) of rulers descended from the heavens.

— Fukui Yoshihiko
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