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Literally, "Land of the Roots," it is also known as Nenokatasukuni, Sokonokuni, or Hahanokuni. It is the place to which Susanowo is banished by his father Izanagi, who says to him: "Thou mayest no longer dwell in this land." From this we can deduce that Hahanokuni-Nenokatasukuni refers generally to any place other than Takamanohara (High Heavenly Plain) and Ashihara-no-nakatsukuni (Central Land of Reeds). It has also been speculated that it is another name for Yomotsukuni. According to the Engishiki [Procedures of the Engi Era] concerning the Great Purification (Ōharae) that takes place on the last day of the sixth month, Hayasasura-hime, the female deity who rules Nenokuni-Sokonokuni removes on that occasion all manner of sins, thereby effecting the cleansing of what is called the "sins of the four corners of the land below heaven," that is, those of the entire country.
See also Yomi

— Nishioka Kazuhiko
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