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"Spiritual blessing." This is a term used to express the ancient belief that a person continuously receives the blessings which emanate from the spiritual power of the kami and the emperors. The term mitama refers to a spirit and the term fuyu means to touch, shake or multiply. Therefore, mitama no fuyu can be interpreted to mean that when a person comes in contact with a noble spirit, the divine protection offered by the power of the kami is multiplied. In the Nihon shoki, there is an entry which states that through the actions of the kami Ōnamuchi and Sukunahikona, the methods of curing disease and invoking protective magical formulas were transmitted to human beings, who greatly benefited from these blessings. In another entry concerning the Emperor Keikō, it is recorded that the Yamatotakeru defeated the Kumaso "owing to mitama no fuyu".

— Nishioka Kazuhiko
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