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[Tamayoribime no mikoto] (Kojiki)(Nihongi)
Other names: Tamayorihime no mikoto(Nihongi)

The daughter of Watatsumi and younger sister of Toyotamabime. Tamayoribime raised her elder sister's child, the kami Ugayafukiaezu, and later became his consort, giving birth to four sons, including Itsuse no mikoto, Inahi no mikoto, Mikenu no mikoto, and Kamuyamatoiwarebiko no mikoto (the later emperor Jinmu).

According to the the main account in Nihongi, Tamayoribime accompanied her older sister Toyotamabime from the ocean when the latter came up onto the shore in order to give birth to the child Ugayafukiaezu, whom she had conceived with Hohodemi. After Toyotamabime left the child on the beach and returned to the ocean, Tamayoribime remained behind to raise the baby. An "alternate writing" also transmitted by Nihongi, however, relates that Tamayoribime originally accompanied her elder sister when she returned to the sea palace, but was later sent back by her sister to raise the child. Since Toyotamabime and Hohodemi were separated, one in the sea and the other on land, Tamayoribime acted as medium for their exchange of poems.

-Mori Mizue
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