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[Yomido ni sayarimasu ōkami] (Nihongi)
Other names: Sayarimasu yomido no ōkami(Kojiki), Yomido ni futagarimasu ōkami(Nihongi), Chigaeshi no ōkami(Kojiki, Nihongi).

"The great kami obstructing the way to the underworld." At the time Izanagi declared his divorce from his dead consort Izanami and fled from the underworld of Yomi, he used a great rock to block the passage between this world and the underworld at Yomotsuhirasaka (the Even Pass of Yomi), and that rock was known as Yomido ni sayarimasu ōkami.

Both Kojiki and Nihongi record the alternate title Chigaeshi no kami ("deity of turning-back road"), a name indicating both that it prevented the emergence of evil spirits from the underworld, and also that it forced the deceased kami Izanami to return to the land of the dead. Later, this kami came to be worshiped as the popular border and wayside deity sai no kami (dōsojin).

-Matsunaga Naomichi
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