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[Yaso magatsuhi no kami] (Kojiki)(Nihongi)
Kami of disorder, produced when Izanagi returned from the underworld of Yomi and underwent ablutions (misogi). Yasomagatsuhi or "eighty myriads of disorder" was produced from the pollution which Izanagi had suffered in the land of death. According to Kojiki, after Yasomagatsuhi was produced, Ōmagatsuhi no kami ("kami of great disorder") appeared, making two kami of disorder. Their appearance was followed by the production of the Naobi no kami or "kami of rectification."

Since the name yaso means "eighty myriads," it indicates the extensive degree of disorder represented by Izanagi's pollution. Hi refers to a kind of spirit. It is thus said that all the misfortunes and disorders of the world are the result of the workings of these kami of disorder.

An "alternate writing" transmitted by Nihongi describes a kami called Ōayatsuhi no kami appearing after Ōnaobi no kami, and some believe that this name is an alternate for Ōmagatsuhi; some theories have also identified Yasomagatsuhi with the kami Seoritsuhime found in Engishiki.

-Nakayama Kaoru
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