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"Hags of Yomi." While the etymology of this name is unclear, it is believed to refer to loathsome women of the underworld land of Yomi, considered as personifications of the pollutions of death. When Izanagi broke his pledge to his dead spouse Izanami, Izanami sent these kami to chase after him. In turn, Izanagi urinated against a great tree, creating a mighty river which slowed the chase of the Yomotsuhisame, during which time Izanagi made his escape to the Even Pass of Yomi. According to an "alternate writing" related by Nihongi, the women were called "Yomotsushikome, also called 'Yomotsuhisame,'" thus indicating that the two were the same. See also Yomotsushikome.

-Matsunaga Naomichi
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